A downloadable game for Windows

Turned out to be more of a proof of concept rather than a full game, but I'm quite fond of it and may potentially develop it further.


  • WASD - Movement
  • Enter - Confirm, Interact
  • Escape - Cancel, Open Menu
  • Space - Attack, Fuse

Things of interest:

  • You can pick a seed by pressing WASD on the New Game menu. (Ingame it's called a 'world'). The dungeon and fusion results are linked to the seed, but some small details may differ.
  • Equip the big sword and swing it by holding Space and pressing WASD.
  • Some gardens grows herbs on their own.
  • Interact with the statues to level up and allocate stats.
  • XP is divided into hard and soft. Leveling up transforms soft into hard, and hard is used to buy stat upgrades.
  • Any number of items can be fused.
  • If a fusion operation costs a full 1000 FE, it will likely produce garbage.
  • Garbage can be fused again to maybe produce something useful
  • Rats can give you sickness, making you vomit (hunger damage) periodically. Use Cure Vomit, Cure Sickness or Cure Every.
  • Sirens can attack like rook, causing vertigo (swaying) and high heartrate (no hp regen). Use Adrenaline or Cure Every.


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Install instructions

  • Extract to a folder of your choice
  • Should work out of the box


Release.rar 2 MB
Release.zip 2 MB
Release.rar (post-submission hotfix) 2 MB
Release.zip (post-submission hotfix) 2 MB

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